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Meet Harmony

Seventh Dimension Founder and Owner

Hi everyone!!! My name is Harmony and I am the grateful owner of Seventh Dimension Dance!!! Before I tell you about myself I must say that I have never in my life EVER experienced anything quite like this studio. What happens here is truly magical and deeply special. A huge THANK YOU to all my instructors and students who make Seventh Dimension Dance the most beautiful family I have ever known!!! No words to express my eternal love and gratitude for each and every one of you!!! I love you so very much!!!

The story of how Seventh Dimension Dance really came to be.......

I started my pole journey when I was 20 years old (19 years ago). I moved behind a pole dance studio that was just opening in Ventura (Stagelight Studios). At the time I had been bellydancing for about 4 years and it was my passion. I was also a waitress and artist model and we were struggling to get by raising our first son, Phoenix.


I didn’t know much about pole but sensual dance arts have always been my calling! I jumped on the opportunity and asked the owner  if I could teach bellydance at her studio. She told me she needed a certified pole and burlesque instructor. I immediately began taking trips to LA to learn and become certified. I taught pole, burlesque, and bellydance for 2 years at Stagelight Studios until I moved.


When we moved we turned our place into a dance studio with 8 poles in the living room! Life was good, my husband and I were living our dreams ..., him with his music, me with dance and our son was happy and had his mom at home 24/7....


But then life started to take a turn ...

The trap of addiction creeped in on us as we celebrated life. At first it was all fun with our friends and deep connection during our experiences; to a then slow progression of total loss of what meant everything to us, powerlessness, and slavery to the darkness that had taken us over.


During this period it was a battle every day in withdrawal and torture, trying everything to stop. We had 2 more kids Hawk and Skyler Rain during this period. Life was completely unmanageable! I remember sobbing in my kitchen and dropping to my knees surrendering to God and begging for help. This prayer sent me quickly to an even deeper bottom which in retrospect I see is exactly what I needed for recovery ...


Soon after we were evicted and out on the streets with 3 kids , homeless literally pushing our kids around in a shopping cart... it’s really hard for me to fathom and talk about this because it’s so painful to think about our children ever having to go through anything like this. ...Eventually my family got our children and for close to 3 years we lived in incomprehensible demoralization as junkie transients on the streets.


We lost everything... our children, our family, our friends, our house , our dreams, our dignity, our souls ... we lost it ALL to the bondage of powerlessness over addiction. I have never known anything so dark and the fear of my kids never having a mommy and daddy to be there for them was an indescribable pain.


My husband and I were in and out of jail but finally there came the time I was locked up long enough to completely go through a full withdrawal (30 days/nights of complete horror) and get some sobriety. My mom came to visit me in jail, behind glass, after not seeing her for years. All the while she had been caring for our children and had taken custody of them...It was intense , emotional, I was so ashamed. I promised her the moment I got out of jail I would come take care of the kids and stay clean and sober. She was so angry and said unless I did a year program when I got out I would never see my kids again.....


My journey to recovery and Seventh Dimension Dance starts here! 

I found a rehab I had heard about from a friend in Santa Barbara and completed a year program that changed and transformed my life completely!!! Everything that happened in my life, from the time I called out and surrendered to God, seemed to be divinely worked out in ways that completely blew my mind and my faith and trust in a power greater than myself became a relationship with the most beautiful and powerful L❤️VE I have ever known.


I finally had hope!


Still living in the recovery home with other moms I had to start from scratch to rebuild my life. I got a job at Santa Barbara Athletic Club and rode a borrowed bike to work at 3:30 in the morning to open the club up early morning shift.

Then After doing a lot of deep work over the year I got my kids back!!! To see them and embrace them again was the happiest day of my life!!!


From here on was one blessing after the next! My brother called after not talking to me in years and asked for help. He let me use his car during the time he was doing a year program, my mom moved to Santa Barbara to be close to us, my dreams came true! 


I was still in the recovery home when the idea for opening a dance studio was sparked by my girl Kelsey Bodine. She noticed my arms and when I told her I used to teach pole she said it was her dream to have a studio in Santa Barbara and that she always wanted to learn pole. 


Soon the kids and I had our own place and I also had a tax return!!! I had $3,000.00 to my name but that felt like a lot of money to me at the time and I saw an opportunity for our dance studio!!! I was also getting help from the government since my minimum wage job at the time wasn’t fully cutting it. I asked my social worker, since I had a tax return and wanted to start a business , if she could help me get the poles I would need to start, through the Calworks program. She laughed and said I better have a really good business proposal but she doubted it. I called Kelsey and she was on it helping me to create a fabulous proposal!!!


My best friends Karen Gabai and Kelsey Bodine were on board and believed in this idea. They helped me week after week in search for a place and one day Karen found 27 Parker Way with a for rent sign and sent me a photo with the landlord's number.


I remember shaking as I walked out to my balcony to make the call. The landlord and his assistant had me on speaker and I said “Hi my name is Harmony and I saw your place for rent... I have $3,000.00 cash to my name, but I have a great idea for a pole studio and I think it will work out!” I thought they would laugh in my face but really I had nothing to lose! They told me to bring the cash to their office. We sat down , had a quick talk, signed some papers , I gave him the cash, he gave me the key and the place was mine!!!!! ....


THANK YOU GOD!!!! .... I told my social worker (Cheryl Mikkonen) bless her heart !!! And she worked out the pole situation for me after many meetings with the staff!!! Apparently this was a first in history!!! And I was told later by staff if it was anyone besides Cheryl this would have never gone down! The GREATEST THANK YOU EVER to this woman!!! I love you SO MUCH Cheryl!!!! 


So now we needed to make first months rent and quick!!! All my friends and loved ones got on board and cleaned and built and painted ...( A HUGE THANK YOU to Ken Wilson and Eric!!!! for their quality and skills and love building the place out and installing all those poles, THANK Youuu!!!! They spent many late nights working their asses off and in a couple weeks we were ready for our opening party!!!


The party was a huge success and some of my favorite people I met at the opening party like Sam Chang, are still my students today, 3 years later!!! Love you Sam!


The rest is history! At first I was the only instructor and now we have 15 instructors including my incredible friend Kelsey Bodine who is pole and flex certified and absolutely ROCKIN IT!!!!


To top off the endless miracles,after not seeing or hearing from my husband in 3 years and really not knowing if he was dead or alive out there, a year and a half ago we found him!!! He did a year program and our whole family is back together again!!! I thank God every day for blessing my life like this!!! There is so much to be thankful for!!!!


Seventh Dimension Dance is a true gift for all of us because we are all a gift to each other at the studio. Once you have experienced this place you will completely understand because there’s just nowhere quite like it! We are family and we truly get to experience the seventh dimension when we are together doing our thing!!! It’s so very special. I’m so incredibly grateful to everyone who has walked through the doors and into my life! Thank you for making my life beautiful!!! I love you!!!!

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