frequently asked q's

Q •Do you have to be fit / have upper body strength to pole
A •No you can come in just as you are! Pole is great for building strength and getting you fit but you can start with a pole 1 class where you will learn a lot of the basics while still keeping one foot planted on the ground during the spins you learn.

Q •What should I wear to pole class?
A •For pole1 leggings are fine, but make sure to bring bootie shorts, sport bra , tank top (anything like that) to the other classes because you will need to use your skin on the pole for certain tricks/spins. You are also welcome to bring stilettos to any of the pole 1, spins, choreography classes if you like.

Q •Is it ok to wear lotion or oil on my skin for pole class?
A • NOOO!!! Do yourself a favor and no lotion/ oil on the skin before pole class!!! You will be slipping and sliding all over the place !!!

Q •Will I be judged by others for having no dance experience or no rhythm or strength?
A •Absolutely not! We all start from the beginning and understand it's a learning process. This is the most loving, supportive, and uplifting group of people I have ever met in my life! We are all here to love and support each other along this magical journey together. It's beautiful!!! We are a pretty amazing pole family!!!

Q •What is the appropriate age for pole dancing?
A • All ages are welcome!!! At the studio I have students who range from age 17 to 70s!... if under 18 I need permission from parents but have found this to be AMAZING for all ages.... be on the lookout for kids classes coming soon too.

Q •what classes should I start with if I have never poled before?
A •Pole 1 is a great one to start with where you will learn some basic fundamentals and learn some spins and choreography around the pole without having to lift your body weight... if you are more interested in learning climbs and inversions you can also come to tricks class where we will work with you at your level.

Q •What kind of workout do I get from pole?
A •It's a full body workout!... but it's so much fun you don't realize how hard your really working your body out! Super Great!!!

Q •Can I book a private 1 on 1 class?
A •Yes! Absolutely!!! Private classes are $140/hour and you can contact Harmony directly to book. (805)451-4664

Q •How long does it take to get good at pole?
A •With consistently you will be amazed at what you can do in just a couple months! People who come 2x / week or more are doing things they never imagined they could do, but even coming once a week you will see growth and transformation!!!

Q • Is pole just for aspiring strippers?
A • Not just for strippers although these classes are great for strippers too!... These classes are for anyone who wants to learn this AMAZING art form!... at Seventh Dimension Dance you will learn all different styles of pole and really learn how to move and be in touch with your body in a whole new way and on a whole new level and then you will be able to express that the way it feels good for you!!! It's truly a magical experience!!!

Q •What if I'm an experienced pole dancer? Do I have to start with pole 1 when I come to the studio?
A •Not at all. You can jump into any class you would like!


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