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pole 1 choreo

  • the perfect class for Beginners! Learn all of the basics! After a great stretch, learn pole basics, including- walking, posing, spinning, and sexy floor work. This class is where you learn to get your sexy on! And you begin building your "Pole Strength" - in your upper body, hands, and core -- all around really! Heels/platforms available (optional!). Leggings or shorts are fine for this class. Dress comfortably. Knee pads may be useful, too. This is a 45 minute class. 

bare basics

  •  Learn basic walks, turns, hand positions, etc. to get you ready for the next level. This class is also perfect for beginners - and focuses more on basic form and technique than Pole 1. Heels/platforms available (optional!). Leggings or shorts are fine for this class. Dress comfortably. Knee pads may be useful, too. This is a 45 minute class. 


Pole spins (All Levels)

  • ​​​Come here to focus on Spins - open to all level. Learn proper technique through detailed instruction and practice. Spins will take you through a great stretch and warm-up. Heels and knee pads recommended, in case we throw in some floor work.

Pole 2 choreo-intermediate/advanced

  • ​​​Once you've mastered the basics in Pole 1 and/or Spins, come challenge yourself with some fun, strength-building, and sexy choreography. This class includes a deep stretch and strengthening segment during the warm-up.  Heels and knee pads recommended - you will definitely be on the floor in this class!

tricks (offered for different levels, either basic or intermediate combos)

  • This fun class teaches the acrobatic side of pole - climbs, inversions, drops, plus MORE. Using both the Static and Spinning poles, get a great workout and stretch. No lotions or oils, shorts recommended - (you need bare skin to help you stick on the pole). This class is open to ALL LEVELS - as we are able to give individualized instruction for all different levels. You don't need to have experience with Pole 1 before trying this class, as it generally involves 2 different skill sets. This class is 45 minutes long


Pole choreo and tricks

  • This lively evening class teaches a combination of both a "spin-choreography" and "tricks". Like all classes we have an invigorating stretch and warmup. The choreography takes place as a group, and tricks can happen at an individualized level, depending on the ability levels of each student. Heels and knee pads are recommended for the "choreography" section, and barefeet and shorts are recommended for the "tricks" portion. No oils or lotions on your skin, please!

open pole

  • this Open studio time is available to all students who have completed a Pole 1 class, or by permission of the instructor. What a great time to come in and work on just what you need.  Stretch and warm-up on your own, and please use the mats for Tricks. Get help from the instructor, or just work on your own - it's up to you - and this is a great time to build your skills, confidence, and creativity. Play time!!!

level 1 & 2 technique class

  • Condition your body and build strength with a pole specific workout. The first half of class with help you build strength and improve and perfect your pole dancing technique, no matter what style you prefer. Finish class with a short choreography to music of your choice. Feel your best through movement. Make sure to bring shorts, leggings, socks, and shoes (if you like).

tribal fusion bellydance

  • Tribal Fusion Bellydance is a Western form of bellydance fusing American Tribal style bellydance and American Egyptian or Cabaret bellydance with popping, hip hop, as well as folkloric and classical dance styles.  This class is very experimental and great for all levels.

hoop dance tricks and foundations

  • Hoop dance is a unique, artistic movement involving dancing with one or more hula hoops through prop manipulation, rotation, and sustained spinning. Hoop dance combines complex tricks and smooth, flowing transitions.
    Hoop dance is a great way to express yourself and your personal dance style while working out and having loads of fun! You will gain a stronger core, a sense of timing and rhythm as well as learn hoop tricks and flow! Classes are designed to challenge each level of hooper! Beginners and intermediate hoopers guaranteed to learn tons! Build a connection within the hoop and experience a new art form! Hoops provided. Taught by Katelyn

silk pole fusion

  • the best of Pole and Aerial silks combined! This unique fusion class is taught by renowned aerial artist, Katelyn.

lyra pole (lollipop)

  • Our newest apparatus!  The lollipop is a unique device, utilizing and X-Pole Stage lite (free-standing pole), with an aerial lyra on top. So you have a static base, with a rotating or static lyra on top.  This unique fusion class can only be found in Santa Barbara, at Seventh Dimension Dance, and is taught by renowned aerial artist, Katelyn

Multi-prop exploratioN

  • Multi Prop Exploration is an open flow space where you can come try new props and learn some moves with Jessie. Fans, hoops, staff, double staff, contact staff, dragon staff, juggling balls, juggling clubs, poi, rope dart! It’s all here! Jessie is here to help you find your flow!  


twerk series

  • Come learn all about twerking - basic moves, booty shake, and booty bounce -- and apply twerk skills to different parts of your body - standing, squatting, doggie, and froggie! Taught by professional twerkologist and performer @SamKittens

burlesque (all levels)

  • Open to all levels, and usually taught as a series. Join our email list on the MINDBODY app to receive info on these series. FIND YOUR SEXY SELF! Learn an entire burlesque-styled choreography over a series of a few weeks. Performance opportunities available. Leggings or shorts are fine for this class. Dress comfortably. Knee pads may be useful, too. Heels are optional.  No dance experience necessary for this fun and welcoming sexy class!

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